About Elizabeth


I grew up having a genuine love of photography.  The power of capturing a moment, a place, a person in a single second and being able to treasure those moments for a lifetime is so profound to me.  I've always seen beauty in everything around me and couldn't help but try to take a piece of everything with me by photographing it.  The impact of photography really hit me on a much more personal level after losing my mother in an accident in 2009.  I lost everything, including my home, and was left with only pictures of her.  Those pictures became my treasures, allowing me to revisit her smile, and to relive moments with her, allowing me visual representation of memories.  My love and new perspective on photography lead me to pursue an education at New England School of Photography, where I met friends that would last a lifetime and gained a new respect and understanding for taking something that was more than just a picture.  Photography has been my escape, my comfort and my keepsake for all things in life.   Photography has opened doors for me and helped me not only discover my own unique beauty, but it's allowed me to help others rediscover what makes them beautifully individual.  

Fun facts: 

I believe in magic.

I have a French Bulldog named Poe.  She's my trusty sidekick.

I was born in England!

I lived in the desert of New Mexico for a large part of my life.

I love to read, I'm proud of my book collection.

I'm engaged to my best friend.